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Ordering Photos or Signed Items


All photos in this website are available for delivery.
Signed items may be sold so, please ask for availability before sending money.

Place an order

To place an order, simply send me an e-mail at

  • your name;

  • your complete shipping address;

  • The item(s) you wish to
    order (clearly indicating item(s) code and description, quantity and size);

  • Your choosen shipping  method.

I currently accept Paypal, no fees for buyer!
I also accept cash (in USD and Euro), bank money orders (please,
NO postal money orders), and checks by mail.

Photo prices

In order to encourage quite large orders, I apply
the following price table. Please, note
the minimum quantity.

Quantity 8×10

order is 4 photos)


order is 2 photos)


order is 1 photos)

1÷5 photos $7.90 each $13.90 each $29.90 each
6÷10 photos $7.40 each $12.90 each $29.40 each
11÷25 photos $6.90 each $12.40 each $28.90 each
26÷50 photos $6.40 each $11.40 each $27.90 each
51÷100 photos $5.90 each $10.90 each $26.90 each
100+ photos $5.40 each $9.90 each $25.90 each


Prices may vary due to exchange rate fluctuation.

Shipping&Handling cost, all over the world

Shipping and handling cost reported below are for photos. S&H cost may be more expensive for
signed items (for example: magazines or insured
items). Please, ask for a rate.
8×10 photos are shipped flat and well protected
against bending; 11×14 and 16×20 photos are shipped rolled in a
heavy duty tube.


S&H cost
$0 ÷ $ 99.99 $ 7.50
$ 100 or more $ 13.00
Up to #8 11×14 or up to #4 16×20 photos $ 12.00
More than #8 11×14 or more than#4 16×20 photos $ 16.00
For large quantity Please ask for a rate


You will receive confirmation via e-mail when your order is shipped (normally within five
business days of receiving payment).

Mail delivery speed

Envelopes containing 8×10 photos usually takes about 7-14
business days
to reach USA.
Large packages
and tubes usually
takes about 10-14 business days to reach
But occasionally mail delivery outside Europe may takes longer time, up to a month and more!

Express mail option in also available, starting
from $39
. Please, consider this option for
rush orders or for orders with a deadline to


For all your questions, info requests or comments, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at


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